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Welcome to An Age Undreamed Of, an upcoming LARP set in the world of the Conan the Barbarian stories of Robert E Howard. The game takes place in the Hyborian Age, an age before recorded history, an age of danger and adventure, where death is close at hand and where a penniless barbarian could one day rise to be a king. The gleaming towers of mighty civilisations loom over mud huts and stone age savagery. Magic is grim and alien, powered by blood and sacrifice. Savage monsters lurk in the jungle glooms, pirates sail the oceans looting and burning, wizards weave awful spells from ancient tomes bound in human skin and bold adventurers chance their lives against gaining riches equal to the ransom of a king.

We aim to provide bloody combat and mighty heroics, ensuring you feel like you're the lead in a Howard tale. We're adapting a rules system used in the UK (with the permission of it's author) that was written for this style of event. For further questions, please see our Facebook group – An Age Undreamed Of LARP or contact the GM team at We also have a Discord server set up if you’d like to do some text RP or chat with other players here. So, hitch up your belts, sharpen your blades and prepare to enter an age undreamed of!

Almost all of Howard’s Conan stories are available for free, and are worth reading.

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Main Page

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